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Believing in the principle that we can help dogs reach their full potential, the author offers solutions to working with and teaching our dogs successful learning outcomes and objectives in a new and refreshing approach to training our dogs. This first book in the series, “Can You See What I’m Saying?” suggests we start to open our minds to a new way of thinking. The series offers learning solutions to effectively resolve issues and, in the process, build a trusting and lasting bond with our dogs.

By combining proven scientific research in the field of canine behaviour, modern knowledge and a new respect for what our dog is telling us, we can work with our dogs to achieve a successful outcome, whether our dog is a companion, working or sporting dog. Owners are invited to start with where their dogs are in the here and now and from this vantage point, bring them to a place of calm mentally and physically. Then, with that balance successfully achieved, owners will learn how to work towards the outcome desired.

With proven success training Guide Dogs, working with rescues and companion animals, the author has accumulated 18 years of knowledge, research and learning that she authentically shares with dogs and owners to reach healthy, respectful relationships.

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