How to influence the basic needs to success

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This is what I know: When it comes to our dogs, it is our responsibility to ensure these needs are met.

As the book I had promised, is slightly delayed in being published, I thought I would treat you, over the next few days, to some content from each level of the Basic Needs to Success.


To accomplish success in our lives, we as humans know only too well what we need to survive and thrive. Knowing when we are going to eat, sleep, relax and gain comfort in shelter and warmth are paramount for us to live and take us towards the next step of survival.


At the basic level of survival our dogs need water, food, a bed, shelter and warmth. Sounds easy doesn’t it? I hear you all saying, “Yes, my dog has all of these!” Okay, lets go a little more in depth on these needs and how they influence other needs within the chart.


As simple as placing the dog’s bed where it is away from a flow of foot traffic, noise and general disturbance will effect how restful and safe the bed will be, for your dog. In a corner, by the sofa and away from the TV, sound system and your direct gaze, will be beneficial. Keep the bed within an area where you will be, so they will not feel isolated. They are part of the family and placing it ‘away’ from you, will have an overall impact on the group dynamics. When your dog goes to its bed, whether voluntarily or you have asked them to, they need to know that once they are on their bed, it is their place of safety and they need to know they will not be disturbed.
With my dog Wilz, she has her bed in two places. During the day, it is in the living room, by the sofa, then at night, I transport her bed and place it next to my bed in the bedroom. So having the routine of where the bed goes during the day and night is for her a routine and it covers aspects of her Life Needs:
Shelter, Warmth and Sleep

Influencing the other levels

It also has an impact on the other levels, too.

Safety – security and routines are met.

Belonging – being part of the family and having their own ‘space’

Achievement – Trust you in having their own ‘space’

Learning – As simple as knowing where they are going to sleep and not be disturbed, by anyone, will put them in a relaxed mental state for learning, training and thriving.

Enjoy your dog and what they are saying to you!

Next blog will be Aspects of Your Dogs Safety Needs