5 steps to empowering your dog

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5 Steps to Empowering Your Dog l Inspiredk9s

1. The Path to Meeting Everyday Needs
Implementing a dog’s basic needs will enable them to be in a place of learning, on a continuous basis. When a dog is comfortable within themselves and feels safe with you, awesome happens. Their learning is not only accelerated but is more in depth.

2. Planning for Success with Guidelines
Decide what is the objective you wish to teach your dog. When it is clear in your head, break it down into smaller steps for your dog. Your dog will reach the objective much quicker. Rewarding the small steps of success will graduate onto the huge strides of learning.

3.Developing Your Relationship
As you start to teach your dog, observation will show you how they learn. You will find out what skills do and do not work, for an individual. You will inspire yourself to add new skills to your toolbox. The relationship will be enhanced and you will really begin to ‘tick’!

4. Love, Joy and Creating Trust
We all love our dogs and they bring us feelings of joy. When we develope trust first, by doing the 3 steps above, our relationship with our dog will reach a whole new level of understanding and respect.

5. Cultivating Learning to become a Training Success
Moving beyond our comfort zones in finding out how our dogs think, process information and learn, will inspire us to gain more knowledge, have a deeper understanding and connection with our dogs, than we ever thought possible.


With the knowledge and understanding of how we as beings process and learn new skills, we have the opportunity to grow in understanding of how our dogs process and learn new skills.This opportunity will open up ourselves to be awesome owners for our companions and awesome handlers in a  professional capacity.

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